The History of Cricket: A brief synopsis of Cricket history in England researched by the creators of this site
The International History of Cricket: History of Cricket teams around the world also researched by guess who? The creators of this site!
Principles of Mathematics Applied in Cricket: A short description of ways in which mathematics plays an important role in cricket
A Description of Cricket: This site details the language, equipment, and playing methods of cricket.

Cricket Links Around the World

CricInfo: This is the most informative Cricket web site on the Internet. Lots of links to other great sites, and great fun things for Cricket fans!
E=M.C.C.: The Edinburgh University Physics Department Cricket Club - the OFFICIAL cricket club of this web site!

Our    Mission

Our goal is to promote cricket awareness in America. Thus, we began with our mathematics teacher, who assigned us a project over a sport and its importance in the world of sciences. We, the two biggest fans of cricket in Muncie, Indiana, except for the V.I.P.s, thought, "What other sports are there besides cricket?! (Well, except for maybe hurling.)" Bethany, the brains of this operation, as she is very unathletic, researched the history and description of this wonderful game. Kiersten, the brawn behind it all, experimented with the physical aspects and their mathematical relevance. Actually, there were three members in our group, but that story is for another time and place. So there you go. Thank you for visiting our site. Any comments or helpful information is VERY welcome. Please send to Enjoy! (And just in case any of you care about how we did on the project, we got an "A!")

You are the cricket devotee to visit this page!

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